Beau-Mac's: Marabou Steelhead Jig 1/8oz. (Pearl White/ Chartreuse white)

by Hawken

SKU# SMJ14018

UPC# 094628053142


Marabou Steelhead Jig

Weight: 1/8oz.

Hook Size: 2

Color: Pearl White/ Chartreuse White

We catch BIG fish!

Beau Mac Marabou Jig - Hundreds of thousands of salmon and steelhead throughout the Northwest and Canada have fallen victim to this amazing egg pattern jig. The secret to this pattern lays not only in the customized colors and fluorescent/UV dyed feathers but rather the beads themselves. The formula for production being a tightly held secret here at Hawken Industries, these beads appear to light up under water and produce an irresistible cerise pink glow that fish can't resist.

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