Berkley: Fuji Deluxe Rod Tip Repair Kit

by Berkley

SKU: 1141158

UPC: 028632250815


Fuji Deluxe Rod Tip Repair Kit

Featuring Fuji Guides

Kit Includes:

  • Quick dry cement
  • Three tip sizes: 6/64" small, 7/64" medium, and 8/64" large

Easy Do-It-Yourself Instruction:

  1. Remove damaged tip by heating with an indirect flame just enough to remove damaged tip (approximately 3-5 seconds).
  2. Melt end of cement stick for5 about 3 seconds and immediately apply to end of rod blank.
  3. Heat barrel end of new tip for 3-5 seconds and slide over cement on rod blank.
  4. Align new tip with rod guides immediately and hold in place 5-10 seconds to allow cement to set.


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