Blue Fox: Vibrax Mid Depth 1/8oz (Glow/ Chartreuse)

by Blue Fox

SKU# 64-10-462IC

UPC# 027752019920

Blue Fox


*Glow in the Dark*

45 Mid Depth Blade runs 2 to 4 feet

Size: 1

Weight: 1/8oz

Color: Glow/ Chartreuse


  • Brass Gear:
    • Free Turning
  • Anit-Twist Design
  • Premium Hooks
  • Main Body:
    • Machined Brass
    • Silver or copper plated
  • Shaft:
    • Stainless Steel

The Classic Vibrax gets a tasty candyback! Colored bell is accented with metallic flecks. Blade is tipped in matching color, while blade back is finished with transparent, fluorescent coordinating color. Flaw-free silver plating, fine tolerances and super-sharp hooks are long-standing features of this low frequency emitting patented two-part body spinner.

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