Bradley Smokers: Jim Beam Bisquettes (48 Pack)

by Bradley Smokers


UPC# 689796140024

Bradley Smokers

Jim Beam Bisquettes 

Perfect for use in any Smoker, Grill or Barbecue

Enjoy the gourmet flavor of Jim Beam Bourbon from these Smoking Bisquettes on your barbecue or in your smoker. At Bradley Smoker, we have selected aged Jim beam oak bourbon kegs to produce these smoking bisquettes,. Our secret for great smoked is to keep the bisquettes just smoking without flame, and removing them before the burnt ash taste can reach the food . Designed originaly for the automanic feed system of the Bradley Smokers, these smoking bisquettes can be used in any smoker, grill or barbecue.

3 Steps to Great Taste:

  1. Preheat your barbecue or grill
  2. Place bisquettes directly on grill
  3. Add food and cook

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