Strike King "Ratlin" Pro-Model Jig Watermelon (3/8oz)

by Strike King

SKU# PMJ38-17


Strike King

"Ratlin" Pro-Model Jig

Color: Watermelon

Jig Colors depend on water conditions:

  • Muddy- Black & Chartreuse, red or blue
  • Stained- Black & Blue
  • Clear- NAtuarl colors like greens & browns

Allot of bites comes on the initial fall, watch your line closely to detect a strike. When pitching or flipping, try for a quite entry into the water to spook less fish. Dont be afaird to fish a jig in heavy cover it since it will hold bigger bass. Year round I use a Strike KingDenny Brauer Chuck Jig Trailer. It's the best there is due to its superior action, buoyancy & durability. 

Choose the size based on the rate of fall & depth you want to fish. A slow fall is best for cold water or sluggish fish & a fast fall rate is good for warm or action fish.


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